Search Engine Marketing in Tenerife

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of those little known acronyms that basically means pay per click.

There's lots of ways of doing this but the principle method is through Google AdWords. Given that google serves up around 90% of all worldwide searches it's understandable that this is where advertisers focus the vast majority of their marketing.

But.. Before we even start discussing SEM and how your business can benefit we would need to answer three fundamental questions...

Who are your customers?

Where are they from, what age or sex are they, what languages do they speak and what are their interests?

Do they have particular desires or needs that you or your business can provide for?

In essence we need to create a “customer profile”. An idea of who we are targetting, where they are (or are going to in the case of travel websites) and what their needs, wants and desires are. We've used this to great effect on many projects as it helps you focus your marketing

What are they searching for?

This isn't as easy as it sounds. Many clients will simply say “My product or service” when in reality what they are offering is a solution to a problem, an adventure (in the case of excursions for example) or a fix to a problem.

Your business might be able to help with this and rather than focus on the client we focus on their needs, wants & desires (que customer profile).

When do they want it?

This might seem impossible to answer but there are a few telltale signs in a search that can help you identify this quite easily. For example if someone adds in their search query "near me" or "available now" that would be a clear indication that they are almost at the point of making a purchase.

Remember, this is all BEFORE we start discussing SEM

Once we have identified the prospective customer then we can start to focus on what we can offer, where we would like to offer it to and try and focus in on customers at the point of making a buying decision.

Where do I start?

We have been running SEM campaigns for ourselves, our businesses and others for many years. With this comes the experience (and pitfalls) of running a campaign and ensuring it stays on track.

How do I know it's working?

Unlike radio or press advertising digital marketing has one very distinct benfit: You can see the sales that result from your efforts. Within a week, a few days or even hours you can see enquiries start to come through and prospects turn into customers.

Want to find out more? An initial consultation is free, can help you decide if SEM is a good fit for your business and help you focus on your marketing and ideal target audience.

Contact us today and get started.

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