SEO Tenerife (Search Engine Optimisation)

Our day to day work sees us optimising websites and pages for search engines. Commonly referred to as “SEO” or Search Engine Optimisation you’ll find that we try and take the jargon out of it and provide you with real world examples of what’s required and how to do it.

SEO Tenerife

We do have clients who swear by and make money from PPC or (Pay Per Click) solutions and we’ve managed many of these types of contracts. However, our preferred method of SEO is organic and it’s what we excel at.

Ranking #1 In Google Search For SEO Tenerife

Let’s face it, everyone wants to rank #1 in Google for their chosen search term and like us, hopefully you can reside in that much coveted #1 position after working with us on your SEO.

SEO Tenerife Audit Services

We have a number of SEO Audit Services available through our parent website "What No Website" and we use these to great effect to boost the rankings of our clients here in Tenerife. Types of SEO Audits include:

10 Point Critical Website Analysis

Our 10 Point Critical Website Analysis which covers the basics and will help you discover what needs to be updated on your website in order to help it rank and make it more user friendly.

Meta Data Reports

Our Meta Data Reports are much more detailed and provide a deeper understanding of what the errors are and where they lie. How to fix these and what is required to help your site rank as well as what’s holding it back are all fundamental in helping your organic growth.

We provide technical resources to implement these required changes also so why not get in touch today and within 5 minutes discover how we can help you get the traffic your website so richly deserves...

SEO Pricing Plans

Use the table below to compare the various SEO packages we have available. If you'd like something more customised to your requirements just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.


The recommendations we provide will be quite technical. We do not want to you to feel stuck and we do not provide technical support with our "DIY" package, just expert advice.

Therefore DO NOT request our DIY SEO package if you cannot execute the recommendations yourself or have an in-house designer or freelancer that can implement recommended changes for you.

• White Labelling Also Available For Agencies •