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Web Hosting

Website Design Tenerife have been hosting websites for our clients for a number of years now and we have two basic platforms available to help you and your online business that both come with a full featured cPanel installation to help you manage your website effectively.

Shared Hosting:

This is the most popular option for many of our clients as it's cost effective and provides the services they need.

Shared web hosting provides you with piece of mind in knowing that your website, along with thousands of others, is under the management and support of a team of professionals.

VPS Hosting:

This is a more specialist service where your website can reside on a server all by itself or indeed along with other VPS web hosting clients or sites that you manage.

Typically VPS web hosting will be used by clients who have additional requirements such as dedicated support or resources for managing and sending out newsletters.

Whichever type of hosting you choose you can be assured that all our hosting platforms come with 24/7 support, maintenance (if required) and daily backups.

Dedicated Server:

This is what we use. Yes, it's fast and yes it's not cheap but we cover the costs of the hardware so you gain access to the entire resources available to us but only pay a small fraction of the cost.

Our hosting packages start out at a super cheap price too, that means you can start out with something small and scale up as your business grows with no downtime !

We simply upgrade your resources and your ready to go, it's that simple !