Website Maintenance

The vast majority of our maintenance clients have been with us for years, in some cases over 7-8 years and beyond. Why...?

We empower our clients

Quite simply, we've been designing websites for over 2 decades and with this comes a wealth of knowledge and experience unparalleled in the industry.

It's a little like having your own in-house web designer, on tap and available to help with any problems you might have.

Helping you make more profit with less effort

As our client base grew we realised that rather than take money from our clients to do the work required on their websites or social media it would be better to empower those same clients by providing tips, tricks, advice and video tutorials.

This way the client can do the work themselves should they prefer and have greater ownership of their online presence.

It also means we can step back and take on more of a consutative role with our clients, guiding them towards opportunities and helping them become more efficient in what they do.

Video Turoials

We have well over 100 video tutorials now available for our clients and we often create custom tutorials just for you and your tasks so you don't even need to remember how to do something, you simply watch the video again.

Remote Access

Through remote access we can easily jump into your computer at your location and provide support.