NFC Tag Marketing

The potential for NFC Tag Marketing in a tourist destination is huge. Also, the fact that you can capture prospective customers as they are here on the island and even capture new customers by displaying promotions to their friends.

Viral Marketing

With our NFC Tag Marketing solutions you can encourage users to invite others to visit your promotional content because they also get something for looking that can be a unique offer just for them. The original user then gets a better promotion because they shared.

It's not hard to see how this can spread easily.

For Hotels

Make offers to your guests while they are staying with you with geo fencing marketing (a method of displaying promotions that are only available while they are on the island) and make special local offers.

Have special promotions for a select "gold" group of guests.

While guests are away change the promotion so it automatically encourages them to come back.

Hey, while you're in Tenerife

We have this unique offer ONLY available to our Gold Club members !

For Clubs

Wouldn't you like to put a PR in the pocket of every customer? Perhaps even provide them with select promotions only available to NFC Tag holders?

Reach thousands of new customers easily by displaying promotions that only display if the NFC Tag was shared.

Next Time You're Passing By...

Try out our 2 for 1 offer on steak meals !


Restaurants particularly love our idea as it means they can reach their regular customers with special promotions on a daily basis if they'd like to.

Rather than waiting for them to walk past you can make special offers available only to them to encourage them to return while on their stay.


Has a great deal on ladies purses Thursday !

Commercial Centres

Instead of each individual shop pushing to get their name in front of the passing customers you can easily use NFC Tag Marketing to reach every single person that passes through your doors and the thousands of people that they then come into contact with.

The list is endless. Why not get in touch today and see how we can help your brand go viral !

Our Tags Know...

Where the user is (so when they are in Tenerife they could get promotion (a) and while away an invite to come back to Tenerife. We can also identify the demographics of the users (including which language they speak), their location (down to city level in many cases) and which device and browser they are using.

Better still Contact our partners at One Step Solutions to book a free consultation.

Other example uses include...

  • Geo fencing promotions (localised offers)
  • Language specific deals
  • Escalating multiple use discounts
  • Promotions for friends of users (sharing)
  • Treasure hunts (get users to complete tasks)
  • Random offers (based on date, time, usage etc.)
  • Alerts and information
  • Data capture (e-mail or telephone for example) for better deals

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