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Considering that the vast majority of people looking for places to go, eat or simply pass time will use Google to execute their search it's should come as no surprise that being top of Google is now more important than ever.

There's lots of ways to do this from paidsearch through to organic optimisation and then there's the "knowledge cards" that display at the top of the search results alongside the rganic results.

Knowledge Panel results are part of Google’s Semantic Web search results which include a mix of result types such as Direct Answers, Structured Snippets, Rich Snippets and are part of an evolution of search results happening at Google and Bing and Microsoft that go much beyond yesterday’s 10-Blue links.

Part of these cards is a Google Maps listing and details about the local business in question such as opening hours and a link to their website.

The potential for NFC Tag Marketing in a tourist destination is huge. Also, the fact that you can capture prospective customers as they are here on the island and even capture new customers by displaying promotions to their friends.

Viral Marketing

With our NFC Tag Marketing solutions you can encourage users to invite others to visit your promotional content because they also get something for looking that can be a unique offer just for them. The original user then gets a better promotion because they shared.

It's not hard to see how this can spread easily.

The vast majority of our maintenance clients have been with us for years, in some cases over 7-8 years and beyond. Why...?

We empower our clients

Quite simply, we've been designing websites for over 2 decades and with this comes a wealth of knowledge and experience unparalleled in the industry.

It's a little like having your own in-house web designer, on tap and available to help with any problems you might have.

Helping you make more profit with less effort

As our client base grew we realised that rather than take money from our clients to do the work required on their websites or social media it would be better to empower those same clients by providing tips, tricks, advice and video tutorials.

This way the client can do the work themselves should they prefer and have greater ownership of their online presence.

It also means we can step back and take on more of a consutative role with our clients, guiding them towards opportunities and helping them become more efficient in what they do.

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