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How Much Does a Website Cost ?

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Most small businesses these days realise they need "a website" but don't quite know how to go about this and that's understandable because it's a bit of a minefield I know. So, with that in mind I decided to put together this page to hopefully make things a little clearer and help you get a better understanding of just what's involved.

I Need a Website

When most small business owners say this they're probably thinking that a website is all they need. It isn't. Sorry, but the days of putting up a small one page website and gettting found are gone and it can be a painful process if you don't know exactly what you need so here's a shortlist of what any local business needs that I hope will help...

Google Maps Listing

As a Google Local Guide I get to see lots of local businesses without even a Google Maps listing so while I have a coffee and a cake or a haircut I add them to the Google Maps directory. Typically their listing goes live within 24-48 hours. Now they can be found in maps.

Google Local Business Listing

This is a bit like the aboove but features in search. Have you noticed when you search for something how a maps listing comes up with details about local businesses including their opening hours and a directions map? That's a Google Local Business Listing.

Social Media

No online business can be complete without at least a Facebook page. You might also benefit from a Twitter account and perhaps a Pinterest or Instagram account. It all depends on your business and what you do really.

The Website

So, now we start talking about your website. It could be a simple 3-5 page affair with a page about what you do and perhaps a portfolio of work or perhaps something more complex like an online store. Either way it's there for one reason only: To convert. To take an enquiry or browing user through the process of making contact and making a purchase.

Your website is in effect your store front. It's where you lay out your wares and convert the user from a prospect into a customer.

We’ve been #1 in Google for both “Web Design Tenerife” and also “Website Design Tenerife” for over 8 years now

We achieved this at the expense of other web designers on the island, yes we've put others out of business and yes, we've maintained a strong position in Google for local search for 1 reason and 1 reason only:

Why would you want a web designer who's not top of Google themselves...?

How Much Does This All Cost ?

Our pricing reflects your business, investment and budget. If you're willing to write content and provide graphics and images then that saves a heap of time and as we all know time = money so this would bring the cost down significantly. If you're too busy and want us to do everything for you we can, but that comes with a price.

A small brochure style website such as Blueberry Bobs or Tenerife Cleaning Services for example could cost as little as 250 Euros whereas a more complex website that oncludes social media such as Tenerife Scuba could cost more and in all cases the client generally provides content and images.

If you run a restaurant for example a website similar to the one we did for the Chicken Shack Tenerife could cost as little as just 50 Euros a month through Tenerife Food.

Why not contact us today on 602 155205 or drop us a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and turn your idea into reality !

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