Google Local Guide

Considering that the vast majority of people looking for places to go, eat or simply pass time will use Google to execute their search it's should come as no surprise that being top of Google is now more important than ever.

There's lots of ways to do this from paidsearch through to organic optimisation and then there's the "knowledge cards" that display at the top of the search results alongside the rganic results.

Knowledge Panel results are part of Google’s Semantic Web search results which include a mix of result types such as Direct Answers, Structured Snippets, Rich Snippets and are part of an evolution of search results happening at Google and Bing and Microsoft that go much beyond yesterday’s 10-Blue links.

Part of these cards is a Google Maps listing and details about the local business in question such as opening hours and a link to their website.

So Why Use a Local Guide?

Put simply: A Google Local Guide can create a new listing or edit an existing listing so that it's optimised, highlights the salient points in search within the knowledge cards and ensures that your business is more prominent when people make a search.

Standard call to action buttons include "Visit Website", "Get Directions" and even "Call Now" which clearly improve the turnover of a business by making things easier for the person searching.

There's a lot more to these cards that can help your business so our suggestion would be to look for your business online, have a look at what is (or is not) displayed and if you need any help just get in touch.