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Monday, 19 February 2018 09:43

Finding New Customers

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Being found by customers is probably the biggets challenge any local business can have. If you run a restaurant or excursions shop on the sea front then you probably don't have a problem finding new customers as there's likely to be a few hundred new customers walking right past your location every hour.


If, as in the example above, you have a prime location then you'll probably have no problem finding new customers but you'll still have quiet periods and times of the year when business is slow. That's where Google search comes in.

Be Found In Google Local Search

As a Google Local Guide we work with local businesses all the time helping them to be found in search. If you do a search for example for Italian Restaurant Tenerife you'll see quite a few turn up in the Google Local Results.

One of our clients "Yim Siam Thai Food appears at the top of Google for "Thai Food Tenerife"

Captivate New Clients

Once you have your Google Local Business listing up and running you can create offers and deals that are available right there in the search results. If you have a Facebook page you can also reach in to a more localised audience and capture residents who use Facebook.

Get Started

If all you're looking for is something simple and easy to maintain then we have Web Design packages starting from just 99 Euros and we can add in a Google Local Business listing to this package if you don't already have one.

Do It Yourself

Many business owners choose to go down the DIY route and setup their own social media pages and marketing solutions. You can too. We get many clients who have gone down this route successfully and then need a more professional look for their business.

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio contains many clients who have used our services and seen their business increase. We also provide free quotations so why not contact us and get started today !

Thursday, 15 February 2018 15:53

Spotting a Facebook Fake

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Imagine you're looking for a car, or a house. Now these are pretty big purchases no? Or let's say you were just lookig for an electrical device such as a laptop, camera or phone.

You mention this to a few friends and before long someone pops along and offers you exactly what it is you're looking for. But wait...

Are they Legitimate?

They approached you. Remember this? Yes, you asked some friends but you weren't pointed to their office or business location. You weren't even offered their website. Why?

Typically when you're looking for something you'd use Google perhaps or another search engine but unfortunately for many unsuspecting buyers they are simply too trusting and believe what they're told so we'd like to make the following suggestions to help you protect yourself from unscrupulous Facebook Fakes.

Check Out Their Website

Ask them, do they actually have a website. Many legitimate companies don't have one either and this on its own doesn't mean they're a fake but it's a warning sign for sure.

With a website, just like a physical business, comes a registration. For example you can look up the actual owner of a business by simply putting in the domain name on this website: go to[insert domain name here]. Under "Legal registrant" you'll see who the website is registered to.

It's possible that the website is registered to their web designer and not them. Again, nota negative signal as this is quite common but if the domain has domain privacy enabled then we'd certainly be curious as to why and what they might have to hide.

Ask To See Them At Their Office

Again, not a 100% method of ensuring that the business is in fact genuine as many businesses are mobile but it's still a sure fire way of chacking up on a business and seeing if it is legitimate.

Many of our clients themselves have no office as they are out visiting clients most of the day.

Do They Insist on using facebook?

If they insist on using Facebook to communicate and display links to their Facebook page to show you products and services then we would respectfully suggest that they're probably not legitimate and it's unlikely they ever will be.

Don't Lose Your Money

Gut feeling, instinct and the above brief checklist should all help you protect yourself from facebook fakes. We hope it helps and if there's anyone you're not too sure about why not ask us to help do some research for you, we'd be happy to.

Friday, 15 December 2017 08:52

How Much Does a Website Cost ?

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Most small businesses these days realise they need "a website" but don't quite know how to go about this and that's understandable because it's a bit of a minefield I know. So, with that in mind I decided to put together this page to hopefully make things a little clearer and help you get a better understanding of just what's involved.

I Need a Website

When most small business owners say this they're probably thinking that a website is all they need. It isn't. Sorry, but the days of putting up a small one page website and gettting found are gone and it can be a painful process if you don't know exactly what you need so here's a shortlist of what any local business needs that I hope will help...

Google Maps Listing

As a Google Local Guide I get to see lots of local businesses without even a Google Maps listing so while I have a coffee and a cake or a haircut I add them to the Google Maps directory. Typically their listing goes live within 24-48 hours. Now they can be found in maps.

Google Local Business Listing

This is a bit like the aboove but features in search. Have you noticed when you search for something how a maps listing comes up with details about local businesses including their opening hours and a directions map? That's a Google Local Business Listing.

Social Media

No online business can be complete without at least a Facebook page. You might also benefit from a Twitter account and perhaps a Pinterest or Instagram account. It all depends on your business and what you do really.

The Website

So, now we start talking about your website. It could be a simple 3-5 page affair with a page about what you do and perhaps a portfolio of work or perhaps something more complex like an online store. Either way it's there for one reason only: To convert. To take an enquiry or browing user through the process of making contact and making a purchase.

Your website is in effect your store front. It's where you lay out your wares and convert the user from a prospect into a customer.

We’ve been #1 in Google for both “Web Design Tenerife” and also “Website Design Tenerife” for over 8 years now

We achieved this at the expense of other web designers on the island, yes we've put others out of business and yes, we've maintained a strong position in Google for local search for 1 reason and 1 reason only:

Why would you want a web designer who's not top of Google themselves...?

How Much Does This All Cost ?

Our pricing reflects your business, investment and budget. If you're willing to write content and provide graphics and images then that saves a heap of time and as we all know time = money so this would bring the cost down significantly. If you're too busy and want us to do everything for you we can, but that comes with a price.

A small brochure style website such as Blueberry Bobs or Tenerife Cleaning Services for example could cost as little as 250 Euros whereas a more complex website that oncludes social media such as Tenerife Scuba could cost more and in all cases the client generally provides content and images.

If you run a restaurant for example a website similar to the one we did for the Chicken Shack Tenerife could cost as little as just 50 Euros a month through Tenerife Food.

Why not contact us today on 602 155205 or drop us a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and turn your idea into reality !